But She's Into Dummers

5SOS for The Orange Lounge 

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lord have mercy sophia is so hot she needs to dump lime and get with this bu$$y


sophia makes me wanna do better




" You just did, loser. I’m the one and only." 

Harry - Looks like a god, as usual.

Liam - Stop that eyebrow, its adorable. 

Zayn - We see you grooving it up back there mate.

Louis - Fringe, you don’t look tough, just cuddly. 

Niall - Tan, new hair, did he hit puberty again?

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zayn looks so good!!

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HOLY CRAP!!! DON’T STOP EP IS ALREADY #1 ON THE ITUNES TOP ALBUM IN AUSTRALIA AND ITS ONLY BEEN AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER FOR ONLY LIKE 12 HOURS!! So proud to be apart of the #5sosfam ! So proud of @5sos @luke_is_a_penguin @ashtonirwin @michaelgclifford @calumhood You’ve all come so far in just 2 years, Don’t Stop what you’re doing; ever! Xxxxxx <3

Ziam - Cuddling in there interview today (24.8) - x